Which is It? Deadpool 2 or Teen Titans Go! To the Movies?

This is a 2018 superhero film featuring multiple superheroes with strong comedic elements and the constant breaking of the 4th wall. It features a character that people called Deadpool who dresses in red and black and fights with guns and swords. The film also references to other films in both the Marvel and DC CinematicContinue reading “Which is It? Deadpool 2 or Teen Titans Go! To the Movies?”

Which is It? A Man Called Ove or Up?

I recently experienced a moving story revolving around an old man of Nordic descent surviving the death of his free-spirited wife, and engaging in behaviour that threatens his own life. In the process, he inadvertently met and became reluctantly entwined with a pushy younger person-of-colour. The old man is a very disagreeable curmudgeon who spendsContinue reading “Which is It? A Man Called Ove or Up?”

Which is It? Red Rising or The Hunger Games?

I just read a YA novel (first in a trilogy) set in a dystopian future in human civilisation where the underprivileged starving underclass from which the protagonist came from toils to serve the powerful governing caste that keeps the underclass in poverty and squalor with deceitful propaganda. The society they live in is so authoritarianContinue reading “Which is It? Red Rising or The Hunger Games?”

Which is It? Hermione Granger or Sabrina Spellman?

She is one of the most gifted witches of her generation and was invited to attend a special school to train in the magical arts when she came of age. There, she faced racial discrimination from bullies who dislike her because she is not of pure blood, but she persevered and was capable of magicalContinue reading “Which is It? Hermione Granger or Sabrina Spellman?”

Which is It? Children of Blood and Bone or Avatar: The Last Airbender?

A ruthless genocidal tyrant (father to a prince and a princess) ruled over the land and all its tribes with an iron fist, and users of magical abilities, including control over the elements like fire, water, earth and wind who do not belong to the same tribe as the tyrant faced severe oppression. However, thereContinue reading “Which is It? Children of Blood and Bone or Avatar: The Last Airbender?”

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