Which is It? Hermione Granger or Sabrina Spellman?

She is one of the most gifted witches of her generation and was invited to attend a special school to train in the magical arts when she came of age. There, she faced racial discrimination from bullies who dislike her because she is not of pure blood, but she persevered and was capable of magical feats unmatched by her peers. She would break rules to do what’s right and even go against the natural order of the world to save the life of man condemned to die—though she only succeeded in delaying the inevitable and a blood relation of that man finally killed him. Despite her young age, she has a strong sense for social justice and even started a group (with a catchy acronym) at her school to uphold it, and continuously defies the Dark Lord and his agents in spite of the odds. She also has an extraordinarily intelligent cat for a familiar, and one of her bespectacled friends is able to see extrasensory visions due to a curse. The property to which this character belongs have drawn the ire and criticism of conservative Christians.

Am I talking about Sabrina Spellman from the 2018 Season 1 of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, or Hermione Granger from the 1997-2007 Harry Potter books?

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Published by A Naga of the Nusantara

A Naga is a divine dragon from Eastern Hindu-Buddhist tradition. The Nusantara is made up of nusa (island) and antara (between) and describes the Southeast Asian archipelago that includes Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. This particular Naga is Malaysian, born and bred. He loves reading and hoarding books, and enjoys bothering humans with what he thinks of them.

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