Which is It? Children of Blood and Bone or Avatar: The Last Airbender?

A ruthless genocidal tyrant (father to a prince and a princess) ruled over the land and all its tribes with an iron fist, and users of magical abilities, including control over the elements like fire, water, earth and wind who do not belong to the same tribe as the tyrant faced severe oppression. However, there was hope as a reluctant, self-doubting orphan hero (the last member of a specific group of magic user, armed with a staff, and accompanied by a large beast of burden) was discovered and was tasked with bringing the balance of power back to the land. So, a party of three (including a pair of brother and sister; one a magic user, and one not) set out with this mission in mind, but they raced against time to achieve their goals before the advent of an anticipated astronomical event. Hot on their heels was a prince, the son of the tyrant, who sought to redeem his honour in his father’s eye by hunting them down, but he had a change of heart and decided to help the hero’s party instead. One of them bore a prominent scar from an injury inflicted by a family member, courtesy of the tyrant’s twisted idea of discipline. Two members of this party eventually fell in love with one another. At the end, the two children of the tyrant found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict, and against all odds, the hero prevailed by calling upon the help of the hero’s spiritual predecessors, and the tyrant was ultimately defeated, his life’s work undone.

Am I talking about the 2005-2018 Nickelodeon’s TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the 2018 YA novel Children of Blood and Bone.

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Published by A Naga of the Nusantara

A Naga is a divine dragon from Eastern Hindu-Buddhist tradition. The Nusantara is made up of nusa (island) and antara (between) and describes the Southeast Asian archipelago that includes Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. This particular Naga is Malaysian, born and bred. He loves reading and hoarding books, and enjoys bothering humans with what he thinks of them.

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